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The main focus of my research is focussed on studying the role of cytokines during health and disease. This work has mainly focused on the role of cytokines during T Cell and Dendritic Cell immunological responses.

My research has spanned both basic scientific and clinical studies and resulted in a number of publications. Along the way I have been able to gain expertise in immunological, biochemical and molecular techniques as well as gaining experience in analysis of clinical data

More recently, my research has expanded to include the study of other small molecules, including antimicrobial peptides such as the defensins and peptides derived from lactoferrin. These studies have involved both genomic and functional analysis in relation to function


Imperial College London, UK

My interests as a cytokine immunologist were initially gained in the laboratory of Professor Mary Ritter, Imperial College London, UK. During this time I learned many immunological and Biochemical techniques. My research has been divided between basic science and studies that bridge both basic science and clinical immunology. My clinical work was based on analysis of the role of cytokines during Stem Cell Transplantation. This work resulted in the development of novel tests to aid donor selection prior to transplantation for Leukaemia

My basic immunology studies at Imperial College were based on Dendritic Cell function. This work involved several areas of dendritic cell and T cell immunology, including the role of the CD205 molecule in dendritic cell function, identification of natural ligands for CD205 and cytokine regulation by Dendritic Cells and T cells


UMDNJ, Newark, USA

More recently I have had the opportunity to work with Professor Grant Gallagher at UMDNJ, Newark, USA. During this time I was able to initiate functional studies on the newly discovered cytokines, IL-19 and Interferons Lambda-1, -2 and -3 (IL-29, IL-28A and IL-28B respectively) that had been identified in the laboratory of Professor Gallagher. The work has revealed some of the first functional immunological data for these novel cytokines and resulted in several publications

Through working in Professor Gallagher's molecular genetics group I was also able to gain the basic techniques of a molecular biologist. This involved several research projects examining the potential role of genetic polymorphisms within various immunomodulatory molecules during health and disease

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